Roles ep

by Help Me Sleep

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released June 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Help Me Sleep Tucson, Arizona

Bummer jams for the working man.


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Track Name: Commoner
I see right through you,
and the world you made,
where you're the best at everything,

where everybody knows your name,
youre not right in the head.

Seated up in the sky,
I hope it's cold,
you're all alone,
and miserable.
Track Name: Old, Bitter Bones
Im starting to doubt myself,
when it comes to this,
but then again,
ive never been confident,
in my ability,
or anything at all,
maybe im just,
growing old.

Its getting harder for me,
not to complain,
im getting tired of,
of myself,

if i could go back,
id treat the time with,
the love that it deserves,
we treated our youth,
like some disease.

and i know i wasted,
time and other things,
people prioritize,
and im destined to be,
an old man,
that hates the world,
because he's got nothing else to do.

we treated our youth,
like some disease.
Track Name: Gone For Good (Favorite)
I haven't seen you or heard your voice,
in a long, long time.
and I have to wonder,
if you're doing all right,
are you missing me at all.
or are you just fine,
it keeps me up at night.

Years and years of me,
collecting self doubt,
now the world only sees me,
when I'm sick and weak,
did you even stop to think,
how this would affect me?
how much this,
how much this would affect me.

Well it did,
quite a bit.

Well you're a coward,
and I'm just lonely,
what'd you think,
that Id grow big and strong?
Come and find me,
I'll leave us disappointed,
I am so small.

I'm tired of waiting,
For you to show your face.
Track Name: Never There
if you had looked into my eyes,
maybe you would have seen,
the hope that died,
when I heard you say you didn't think,
i had any chance,
of amounting to anything.

why did i think,
if anyone was to believe,
in me,
it was you?

its taken me,
this long to get back on my feet,
and to not fear my own voice.

I'm doing my best
to keep looking ahead
but i can't seem to shake
doubts built into my head
they've been weighing me down
for as long as i can recall

ill never be strong enough
is what they say
ill never be strong enough.
Track Name: Now You Can't Say No One Believes In You
don try so hard kid,
youll never get anywhere,
doing it like that,
try to relax, to just let it out

I saw for years,
from the other side,
of the board,
as they were doing,
the thing that made,
my heart soar.

anxiety cant get the best of you this time,
youll hate yourself,
for not trying,
not realizing,
what you could have done.
what you could have become.

please promise me,
this is the last time,
youll be small and weak,
i dont want to watch,
as the hope for you shrinks.

just because they said,
youll never get anywhere,
doesnt make it true,
please promise me,
that you'll stay.